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Minimally invasive techniques

The Wirbelsäulenzentrum (Spinal Center) Fulda|Main|Kinzig usually performs surgical procedures on the spine minimally invasive. This means that operations are performed using the smallest possible incisions (keyword keyhole surgery) and using the surgical microscope.

We use equipment from the German companies Leica and Zeiss, which meet our high quality standards and thus decisively increase patient safety.

Operations such as stabilization and stiffening of the lumbar spine are also performed using such procedures. We have done decisive pioneer work in this field and have been named a “Center of Excellence” by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of spinal implants (DePuy-Synthes).

Rapid Recovery

These new techniques significantly shorten surgery times and the subsequent recovery. While stiffening surgery on the lumbar spine took 6 or more hours after the “old procedure”, we can now perform the same procedures in 1-2 hours. Our patients do not need a corset afterwards and can generally get up again on the evening of the day of surgery.

Rapid Recovery (the “fastest possible recovery”) is our priority. State-of-the-art procedures in the treatment of spinal canal stenosis, herniated discs and deformities of the entire spinal cord are treated in our facilities – however, the in-patient stays are usually quite short due to the minimally invasive techniques. For us, your speedy recovery and return to the things of daily life are important and an incentive throughout the treatment.


If in-patient follow-up treatment is required (REHABILITATION or SUBSEQUENT THERAPY), this is discussed and organised in the hospital. As a rule, the decision of the insurance provider to grant a permit is only made after about 10 days and therefore only after discharge. You will be informed automatically about the commitment and the schedule for admission to the REHABILITATION CLINIC.

If follow-up treatment in the outpatient area (physiotherapy) is required, the practice of the Wirbelsäulenzentrum (Spinal Center) responsible for you issues the prescription for it after inpatient discharge.