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Checklist admission to practice


Seeing a doctor at one of the Wirbelsäulenzentrum’s (Spine Center’s) practices is very simple and is usually done after referral from a general practitioner. The family doctor occupies a key position in the treatment as a central contact point, which we support as far as possible. Therefore, an examination WITHOUT transfer should only take place in exceptional cases and emergencies.

If there are already pictures of the spine, please bring them with you. Older images are also welcome (CDs and film recordings can be evaluated in all practices) – the attending physician will then assess their importance depending on the complaint situation or arrange for new pictures to be taken.

In many cases, the general practitioner has already initiated imaging such as magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) or computer tomography (CT), in which case the diagnosis can be made more quickly and a new diagnosis with a subsequent radiological examination is not necessary. Of course, we will also be happy to provide consultation without imaging – in most cases, however, the treating physician will first initiate a new imaging procedure, which can then be discussed in a follow-up appointment.

The following rule of thumb applies to imaging: In magnetic resonance tomography (MRI), the affected spinal column section (cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine) can be mapped most comprehensively, so that most diagnoses are quickly recognizable. The computer tomogram (CT) shows the bony structure somewhat better for this purpose and is used as imaging with short waiting times at the radiologist and for supplementary questions (such as healing of implants).

Please bring relevant findings from other specialist groups (such as neurologists) to the interview.


Hospital admission checklist


In order to make your stay in one of our clinics as pleasant as possible, we have put together a checklist with an overview of all the relevant details for you.

Admission for your stay in the hospital will be given to you beforehand in one of our practices. Here you will also be informed in detail about the surgical procedure and receive all necessary information material such as the appointment for the anaesthetic consultation. Admission to the hospital usually takes place on the morning of the day of surgery.

In order to create optimal hygienic conditions for the operation, we ask you to shower at home on the morning of the operation day. Although the subsequent in-patient stay only lasts for a few days, it is advisable to take the following aspects into account during the preparation:

Documents you should bring to the hospital with you:

  • health insurance card or clinic card with private insurance
  • hospital admission (usually issued in one of the practices of the WSZ)
  • Current list of medicines (please bring your own medicine, if necessary.)
  • Imaging (provided that the imaging required for the operation has not already been provided in practice before)
  • Miscellaneous (allergic passport, pacemaker certificate etc.)
  • Name and telephone number of a relative
  • Exemption from co-payment by the health insurance company

Personal items to bring to the hospital with you:

  • personal care and hygiene articles (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, razor etc.)
  • Clothes (The day after the operation you can continue to wear your own clothes. Pay particular attention to comfortable clothing, appropriate footwear – preferably slippers or trainers – and adequate underwear.
  • Personal aids (dental prostheses, glasses, hearing aids, walking sticks, etc. If you have a home breathing aid, please bring it with you.)
  • Miscellaneous (reading, music, writing utensils etc.)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the practices of the Wirbelsäulenzentrum (Spine Center) Fulda Main Kinzig by phone or in person.