IDD – conservative Treatment of Spinal Canal Stenosis and damaged Discs

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IDD – a form of treatment for non-surgical spinal decompression of disc damage and lighter forms of spinal canal stenosis.

IDD is the abbreviation for Intra Discal Distraction. The principle of treatment is to create a vacuum in the intervertebral discs of the treated spinal segment and thus relieve the spinal canal.

Intra Discal Distraction can be used for the lumbar and cervical spine. Corresponding positioning and fixation systems make effective treatment applicable to the most frequently affected spinal column sections.

The anatomical basis for successful treatment is the generation of a vacuum in the intervertebral discs of the treated spinal region. Normally, intervertebral discs only know stress when standing or sitting and relief, i. e. a pressure of 0 when lying down.

Healthy intervertebral discs collect enough nutrients overnight. If the intervertebral discs lose this ability as a result of damage, new nutrients and the vital fluid can be sucked back through negative pressure. The intervertebral disc is revitalized.

Do you have any questions? Your back specialist will be happy to explain the procedure to you in person – ask him/her.

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