Dynamic Stabilisation of the Spine

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If the spine loses stability during the aging process, this stability must be restored. In many cases this is possible without completely reinforcing the affected segment, i. e. merging. This is done, for example, by means of so-called dynamic stabilization. A dynamic stabilization system is inserted via small skin incisions to the left and right of the spine by means of screws and a rod that is inserted at the back. In this surgical procedure, the intervertebral disc can be completely preserved, i. e. it does not happen that the vertebrae are firmly connected to each other, but they remain dynamic and retain their mobility. „Stabilizing without stiffening“ is the keyword. The loss of blood is very low. Since the entire implant can be inserted through the musculature without destroying it. The procedure can be considered in the area of an operation of a disc or a spinal canal stenosis.